Total Immersion Weekend

"What I hear I forget
What I see I Remember
What I do I know"

Years ago when I took up a new sport my greatest learning occurred when I immersed myself in the sport. I would go away for a week to eat, live & breathe this new activity. It is difficult for many to take a week off for such a luxury, but an intensive weekend is more likely. I have often been asked by "gung ho" students if I offer multi-day "In Depth" training classes. As a result I have developed the "Total Immersion Weekend."

This weekend is designed for two serious paddlers who want personalized instruction in all aspects of sea kayaking. The topics and skills to be covered are entirely up to you. To allow us to stay immersed in the sea kayaking world, the class fee includes room and board at my house. So you are rested for Saturday morning we ask that you show on Friday afternoon. When I say we will spend the weekend consumed in sea kayaking I truly mean it. When you are not sleeping or in the bathroom we are focusing on sea kayaking. We will spend the days on the water and the evening at the house. Some of your skills may be video taped for evening analysis.

At the end of the weekend I guarantee your skill level and understanding of sea kayaking will improve significantly.

Past Immersion Weekend Itinerary (always adjusted to the paddler's needs):

Friday Evening: Begin at 7:00PM
- Introductions, itinerary review and discussion

Saturday (6-8 hours):
- Stroke review and improvements
- Bracing & stability
- Rolling
- Surf zone introduction
- Capsize Recoveries

Saturday evening options:
- Video tape review (days work)
- Instructional video review
- Discussion (you choose the topics)

Sunday (6-8 hours):
- Stroke Variations
- Rough water skills
- Rough water practice &/or surf zone play
- Towing
- Emergency rescue skills

Total Immersion Weekend for two paddlers includes:

- Friday evening introductions, itinerary review & discussion
- Two days of kayaking (Saturday & Sunday)
- Saturday evening video review, analysis and discussions
- Two evenings (Fri & Sat nites) sleep over at our house (our dogs are part of the family)
- Saturday Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
- Sunday Breakfast & Lunch

Paddlers Provide:
- All necessary paddling equipment and kayaks
- Proper clothing for extended water immersion
- Willingness to work hard and play hard

Fee & Class Options:

$1,200 for the weekend ($300 per day per paddler - two paddlers needed for the class) This is a great opportunity to work with your regular paddling partner and really get to know each other (in a paddling sense) and learn how to help one another in capsizes and difficult situations.

$1,100 for the weekend if you are solo. If you want to do the weekend by yourself, then consider this option.

$1,000 for Saturday & Sunday for locals who provide their own room & board. This option and total fee is for one or two paddlers who live locally and want intensive training.

If you would like working an entire weekend with Wayne Horodowich and this type of experience appeals to you, as it has to many others, please contact us at:

University of Sea Kayaking
PO Box 12249
Mill Creek, WA 98082


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