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The University of Sea Kayaking like any other educational program needs support. If you find value in what USK has provided to you then please review the different ways in which you can help support us so we can continue with our mission as a "sea kayaking education resource."

Ways to support USK:

1 - Purchase USK Videos - Our primary source of revenue is through the sale of the USK videos. We have developed our" In Depth" Instructional video series to bring you the most comprehensive instructional videos currently available on the market.

2 - Shop at the USK Store - Of course any sales through the USK store helps.

3 - Host a USK Clinic in your area - Wayne Horodowich the founder of USK loves traveling to new areas to teach clinics to those who want to sharpen their skills and experience some new ways to approach the kayaking world. E-mail us at or call 425-741-0960 to get more information about hosting a USK clinic in your area.

4 - Become a" USK Bracer" - A brace is a support stroke and the USK web site needs your support. The USK web site is our primary method of spreading educational information to the paddling public. Our goal of making it an on-line sea kayaking education encyclopedia can only occur with outside support. I am sure you have noticed there are no outside advertisers, no annoying pop up ads, no banner ads, no e-mail advertising and we wish to keep it that way. We already have hundreds and hundreds of pages on our web site and we eventually want over one thousand. It takes time and money to make this happen. If you find value in what you see on the site please think about becoming a "USK Bracer." Visit the USK store to make your donation. We hope you continue to use and enjoy the USK web site. Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

5 - Buy a USK T-Shirt - If you don't like giving donations than buy a USK T-shirt. Every little bit helps.

6 - Spread the USK word - The best form of advertising is mouth to mouth. If you like what we do through our videos, clinics and web site please shout it to your friends.




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