Alumni Pictures

Here are some pictures of our Alumni in action or locations they like to paddle. If you are a USK Alum and have pictures you would like to share with us please e-mail them to USK.

Clinic survivors from Veracruz Mexico November 2003.

Paddlers from left to right:

Juan Pizá, Horacio Ortiz, Rafael Mier-Maza, Juan Luis del Valle and Rodolfo Treviño.

I have been using your videos to try and teach my paddlers some sense. Vashti and I are preparing for the put in to Arctic Red River 210 miles downstream which will be about 5 days of paddling due to heavy head winds. I give Vashti full marks for spirit after only two hours instruction she tackled the Mackenzie and did great. Natural kayakist that women. Adios for now 21 days Ft. Providence to Inuvik NWT and we raised 13 ,000 for the Kidney foundation.

Greg Loftus, Show your Smarts, Please donate your Parts. Paddlers for Parts association

Enjoyed reading Wayne's article on Solo Paddling in's newsletter. I agree with him entirely. Solo paddling used to give me stomach butterflies, but as my skills improved the butterflies disappeared.

Still get them every once in awhile when an unanticipated condition arises - last time was a seal splashing behind me. Thought it was a grey seal trying to get me out of his territory. Turned out to be a friendly harbor seal that wanted to play. Followed me for a couple of knots.

Thank you for providing a great resource for all sea kayakers.

Laura Carter,
Bar Harbor, Maine

Paddling in Frenchmans Bay with Bald Porcupine Island in the background.

I am eagerly awaiting my new paddle! I'm attaching a pic that has nothing at all to do with USeakayak - except that Derek thought it was a rather fetching shot of his Andromeda and my 5 yr old.

Anna Popov & Max

Washington DC

This is where I practice and utilize the skills I learned in your great videos and Derek's course in Annapolis, Md.

Charlie Zimmerman

Indian River Bay, Delaware

Not much salt water on Ohio but I get to the East Coast and Maine every summer. Attached is a picture from last winter, we paddle year round here as long as the water is not hard!

Doug Sharp, Ohio

Attached is a photo of me in my favorite boat, taken at Refugio State Beach just before a practice session that you conducted for one of the local clubs.

Steve Holtzman, California

Thanks for improving my surf skills and roll!

George Miller, California

This was taken by Duane Strosaker during our 9/01 "Outer Channel Islands Grand Tour," off Santa Cruz Island, during a 33 mile leg.

Among the many skills that I have learned from you, the most appreciated were how to handle the surf, how to do an underwater reentry and roll, and a variety ways to assist other paddlers getting back into their boats. As well as contributing to our safety, these skills have allowed me to enjoy an expanded range of paddling environments.

Patrick Martin, California

Gregg and Tim learning how to set up for on-the-water kayak repairs.

"It's been a wonderful learning experience gaining kayaking knowledge and skills from you and Derek."

Gregg Remer


"See Gregg, right there, it says, "This Side Up."

Tim Werner

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