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Printed reviews:

"Beyond the Cockpit" Atlantic Coastal Kayaker Magazine (November 2002)
"Beyond the Cockpit" Sea Kayaker Magazine (December 2002)

"Capsize Recoveries & Rescue Procedures" Atlantic Coastal Kayaker Magazine (March 2002)
"Capsize Recoveries & Rescue Procedures" Sea Kayaker Magazine (June 2002)

Personal Reviews & Comments:


Just stumbled across your website and wanted to thank you for all the great information. Reading the "Yakism", "Any car looks better with a kayak tied to the top" - Wendy Miller, Salt Lake City, Utah made me think I should send you a picture of my Pygmy Arctic Tern on her way to her maiden voyage. I hope you (and Wendy) agree, the car looks better with a boat on top! Naturally, it snowed on me as I was putting her on the car.

And one comment. I used to use your observation on wisdom and good decisions too, but after raising three children, I've modified it slightly. Now I say, " Good decisions come from wisdom, and wisdom comes from learning from bad decisions". If raising children only teaches you one thing, let that one thing be that learning from your mistakes is not a guarantee. It should be, but it isn't.

Thanks again for a great site, Grant Shipley

I just wanted to thank you for the great service on my last order. The tape set was here in just a few days. So far, I've only watched the first tape in the series and am pleased with what I saw. You did as thorough a job with the material as is possible and it was presented in a very clear manner. The tapes are definitely going to make me a safer paddler. Your videos and website are a great resource for sea kayaking. - Tom Saloka, Michigan

Both of these videos are of a precise no nonsense nature. The #1 on rescue reinforces the rescues you may already know, and makes you aware of the techniques you hope you never need. The #2 reaffirms the need to dress for the conditions that we paddle in. Thanks so much for your time and effort. - Arnold Palmer, Maine

The video is excellent! The range and depth of your coverage of the subject matter is absolutely superb. It was really nice that you presented a wide variety of reentry techniques, pointing out pros and cons, and then let the viewer make decisions applicable to their own scenarios. The videography is very good and many of the reentry shots managed to capture the finer points in ways that have been woefully inadequate in other books and videos. My heartfelt congratulations on such a great job! - Shelley Johnson, Instructor, Author of Women's Guide to Sea Kayaking (1998) Guide to Sea Kayaking in Maine (2001) Sea Kayaker's Pocket Guide (2001) The Complete Sea Kayaker's Handbook (2002), Maine

Wayne Horodowich's tapes on Capsize Recoveries and Rescue Procedures are really good instructional tapes and I am impressed at the quality, clarity, and effectiveness of the presentation. I highly recommend the tapes to all paddlers. - Mike Kory, California

I have just finished viewing Wayne Horodowich's new two-volume video, Capsize Recoveries and Rescue Procedures. I feel this is the most comprehensive and entertaining instructional video available. Whether you are a beginner or have years of kayaking experience, I highly recommend it for anyone serious about the sport of sea kayaking. - Rob Mohle, Author of "Adventure Kayaking: Big Sur to San Diego", California

I just wanted to say what a great Video you have produced for the sport of Sea kayaking. Some good stuff in there. Not much salt water on Ohio but I get to the East Coast and Maine every summer. - Doug Sharp, Ohio

I thought it was fantastic!! In short, I'm very impressed with what you have done with the videos and with sea kayaking instruction. Keep up the good work. - Eric Soares, Tsunami Ranger, Co-author of "Extreme Sea Kayaking", California

I just watched Volume I of your Recovery & Rescue videos, great stuff! I think your balance of humor and seriousness was perfect. - Ray Roux, California

I've definitely learned from you, in person, one on one, from reading the articles on your web site, and most importantly from watching your video on Capsize Recoveries and Rescue Procedures. The video is absolutely awesome! Every time I watch a segment of it, I learn something else. I recommend it to everyone that paddles. I'm eagerly awaiting the video that you and Derek are producing. - Steve Holtzman, California

I found your site on Paddlewise today, and it has tied me up for about four hours. But that is just what I needed. I am trying to rest up two old sore shoulders and reading about kayaks and related subjects on your site has helped pass the time. This is by far the best kayaking site that I have found on the Internet. Thanks and keep up the good work! - Ronnie, South Carolina



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