Tides and Currents

The moon affects the oceans on our planet through its graviational pull. As a result we have the oceans rising and lowering. This movement of water also causes water to move into and out of retricted areas causing tidal currents. In addition, the oceans have there own currents which affects us when we paddle. If the average paddler moves at a 3 knot pace a 2 knot current has a signifcant affect upon them. If you plan properly you may be able to take advantage of currents rather than fighting them.

If you watch a section of shore through a full tidal cycle you can see what is hidden under the water at high tide. You will also see the different water dynamics at the different tidal heights. It is also good to watch your favorite inland locations to see the different water dynamics during flood and ebb tides.

Tidal references:

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