Kaua'i Day Tours Video Guidebook

Since Kaua'i is such a popular vacation destination, we decided to do our first guidebook here. Rather than having to commit your entire vacation to paddling, we thought having a choice of different day tours would be nice so you can have a blend of paddling some days and relaxing on beaches on the other days in this tropical paradise.

Kaua’i, known as the “Garden Isle”, is the northern most island of the main Hawaiian Island chain. Paddling the inland rivers and around the coast was the primary mode of travel by the native Hawaiians for centuries and can be experienced today by kayaking.  Of all the ways of seeing the island, Hadley and I find paddling and seeing the island from the water the most rewarding, because we can get to unique places where roads do not go.  Join us as we take you on three different adventures around Kaua’i.

Hanalei paddle and snorkel – On Kaua’i’s north shore are Hanalei Bay and River.  Paddling along the river to the bay is a peaceful getaway. Once in the bay you can paddle to a beautiful snorkeling area or a beach to experience the tropical life. Tour rating: Family friendly

Secret Falls – Wailua River is the largest navigable river on Kaua’i.  Thousands of tourists take the tour boats up the river to Fern Grotto.  Only paddlers get the chance to travel up the smaller north fork of the Wailua.  When the river narrows we land and take a hike to Secret Falls for lunch and a dip in the pool below the falls.  The hike takes you through lush tropical vegetation.  Tour rating: Family friendly

Na Pali Coast Paddle – Paddling along the Na Pali Coast is one of the most magnificent in our opinion. Cliffs rise over three thousand feet from the sea. Sea caves, dolphins, sea turtles, cliff dwelling birds and rugged landscape are all yours for 17 miles. The only way to see this section of coast is by sea or air.  The best way to experience it is when you paddle it. Tour rating: Hearty Novice (If on a guided tour)