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This page is meant to be a service to paddlers who want a quick reference to manufacturers in the paddlesport industry. Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement of any business or product by USK. To be included on this list please contact us by e-mail.

We tried to list the main products made by each manufacturer. Instead of listing all the products carried by each manufacturer we used the term "accessories" as a catchall phrase for items which are not kayaks, paddles or specialty products.

There are also some websites that are resource sites that also list omanufacturers and equipment aside from other resources to help the paddler.


Reference Sites
Inflatable Kayak World


Manufacturers (listed alphabetically):

303 Products - Latex/rubber refresher
AAA Trailers - canoe & kayak trailers
Ace Kayaks - kayaks
Action Fish Kayaks - Kayak kits & wood kayaks
Adventure Technology - paddles
Ainsworth Paddles - paddles
Aquabound Kayak Paddles - paddles
Aquaterra/Perception - kayaks, paddles, accessories
Atlan - Neoprene products, accessories
Back Up/Roll Aid - safety product
Bear Mountain Canoe - kayak plans
Betsie Bay Kayaks - kayaks, paddles
BigSpoonS - paddles
Boreal Design - kayaks, paddles, accessories
Bjorn Thomasson Design - kayaks
Brooks Wetsuits Inc. - Neoprene products, accessories
Bug Shirt - Really!
Campmor - gear, accessories
Canyon Sports Racks - roof rack systems
Carlisle Paddles - paddles
Cascade Designs - dry bags, Therm-a-Rest, accessories
Chesapeake Light Craft - kayak plans & kits, accessories
Chota - footwear, accessories
Coastal Waters Recreation - kayaking maps
Cobra Kayaks - kayaks, accessories
Columbia Sportswear Company - clothing, accessories
Current Design - kayaks, paddles, accessories
Dagger - kayaks, paddles, accessories
Deluge - safety gear, sailing rigs, transports, accessories
Descente Paddles - paddles
EasyRider Canoe & Kayak Co. - kayaks, accessories
Eddyline Kayaks - kayaks, paddles
Emil Kellanders Kajakkbyggarsida - kayaks
Epic Kayaks & Paddles - kayaks, paddles
E Z Top - combo kayak cart & roof rack system
EZ Troll - fishing rigs
Feathercraft - folding kayaks, accessories
Folbot - kayaks
Folbot (Canada) - kayaks
Futura - kayaks, surf skis
GAIA Outdoors - paddlefloats, accessories
Garmin - global positioning systems, accessories
Gearpro - gear, accessories
Georgian Bay Kayak Ltd - sponsons, accessories
Glen-L Marine Designs - kayak plans & kits
Gore Tex - Gore tex products, accessories
Grand Traverse Boatworks - kayak plans
Great Canadian Canoe Co. - kayaks, canoes, paddles, accessories
Green Valley Boat Works - kayaks, kayak plans
Guillemot Kayaks - kayaks
HammerHead Kayaks - kayaks, accessories
Hardy Products - carts, racks, accessories
Heritage Kayaks - kayaks, accessories
Hydra Kayaks - kayaks
I.C.C. Enterprises - paddle sails
Innovations by FIN - gear
Innova - kayaks, accessories
Impex - kayaks
Jack's Plastic Welding Inc. - inflatable kayaks, gear, accessories
Janautica Kayaks - kayaks
Kajak Sport
- kayaks, accessories
Kayak Cover Company - kayak & canoe covers
Kirton Kayaks - kayaks
Klepper - folding kayaks
Knoydart - kayaks, gear, accessories
Knudsen Integrated Portaging Systems - portaging systems for kayaks & canoes
Ko-ka-tat - Pfd's, dry tops, gear
Laughing Loon - kayaks, kayak plans, accessories
Lendal Paddles - paddles
Lightening Paddles - paddles
Lincoln Canoe and Kayak - kayaks
Liquidlogic - kayaks
L.L. Bean - accessories, gear, clothing
Lotus Designs - Pfd's, rescue jackets, accessories
Magellan - global positioning systems, chart plotters, accessories
Maptech - navigation gear, charts, plotters, cruising grids, accessories
Mariner Kayaks - kayaks
Marmot - clothing
Marstrands Kajaker - kayaks
Martin Creek - accessories
Mega Performance Kayaks - kayaks, paddles
Merrimack Canoe Company - Canoes
Mirage Truck Racks - roof rack systems & straps for trucks
Mitchell Paddles Inc. - paddles
Moss Tents -tents, arched wings, accessories
MTI - PFD's, clothing & accessories
Nautiraid - folding kayaks
Navarro Weather Gear - clothing
Necky Kayaks - kayaks
Nielsen-Kellerman - pocket weather meters
Nigel Dennis Kayaks - kayaks
Nimbus Kayaks - kayaks, paddles
NiteRider - lighting systems
Nomad Sea Kayaks - kayaks
Nookie - clothing, gear, accessories
North Shore Inc. - foam products, accessories
North Water Rescue & Paddling Equipment - rescue equipment, gear, accessories
Northwest Kayaks - kayaks
Northwest River Supplies Inc.- clothing, Pfd's, accessories
Novus Composites Kayaks - kayaks
Ocean Kayak - kayaks, accessories
Octopus Kayaks - Accessories
Old Town - kayaks, accessories
One Ocean Kayaks - kayaks, kayak plans
Outdoor Research - clothing, medical kits, accessories
Outdoor Solutions - covers, shelters, cases
P&H Sea Kayaks - kayaks, accessories
Pacific Action Sail System - kayak sails
Pacific Water Sports Kayaks - kayaks, paddles, accessories
Paddleboy Designs - portaging carts for canoe & kayaks
Paddling Partner - ballast systems for kayaks
Palm - clothing, Pfd's, accessories
Patagonia - clothing, accessories
Perception/Aquaterra - kayaks, paddles, accessories
Petzl - lighting
Phoenix Poke Boats Inc. - kayaks
Planetary Gear - clothing, gear, accessories
Point 65° N - kayaks
Polyform Kayaks - kayaks
Pouch Boats - kayaks
Prijon (Wildwasser) - kayaks, Pfd's, accessories
Primex - carts, trailers, racks, sails, accessories
Pygmy Boats - kayaks, kayak kits & plans
RP2 - kayaks
Radical Gear - breathing tube, bilge pump, inflatable hip pads
Rainbow Kayaks - kayaks
Rapidstyle - clothing, Pfd's, accessories
Ras Dex - clothing, sprayskirts
Redfish Kayaks - kayaks and kayak plans
R.E.I. - clothing, Pfd's, gear, accessories
Roll-Aid Safety Inc. - back up self-righting aid
Rolleez - canoe & kayak carts
Royal Robbins - clothing, accessories
Salamander - accessories, rescue gear, clothing
San Javier Kayak - kayak kits & plans
Scary Sports - Yak Kaddy kayak cart
Seairsports - seats, gear bags, accessories
Seals Sprayskirts - skirts, accessories, covers
Seavivor Folding Boats - folding kayaks, accessories
Seaward Kayaks - kayak
Secret Mountain Wooden Boats - kayaks
Seda Kayaks - kayaks, accessories
Serratus - Pfd's
Shaman Kayaks - Hand built traditional kayaks & accessories
Shearwater Boats - kayaks, accessories
Sierra South Mountain and Paddle Sports - boats, Pfd's, paddles, books, videos, accessories
Simon River Sports - paddles
Snap Dragon Spray Skirts - skirts, covers, accessories
Soar Inflatables - kayaks, accessories
Soller Paddles - paddles
Speedtech Instruments - microelectronic instruments for measuring wind speed, direction, boat speed
Spirit Sails - hands-free downwind sails
Splashdance - kayaks
Squeedunk Kayaks - kayaks, canoes
Stimson Marine - kayak plans & kits, accessories
Streamlyte Paddles - kayak paddles
Suunto Instrumentation - compasses, instruments
Swift Canoe and Kayak - kayaks, accessories
Swift Paddles - paddles
Thule - roof racks, accessories
Tiki Water Sports Inc. - kayaks, accessories
Tilly Endurables - clothing
Toksook Paddles - paddles
Towler's Bay 16 Touring Kayak - kayaks
Tribalance - kayaks
Tsunami Kayaks - kayaks
Tuktu Paddles - Greenland paddles and accessories
Tundra Kayak Sails - kayak sails
Ursack - bear resistant containers
Vajda Kayaks - kayaks
Valley Canoe Products - kayaks
Vitudden - paddles
Voyageur - accessories
Walden Sports - kayaks, accessories
Waterproof Charts - charts
WaveWalk - paddle craft
Wermlandia Kanoter - kayaks
Werner Paddles - paddles
Whalecraft - kayak
Whetstone Gear - paddles, gear bags, clothing
Wilderness Systems - kayaks, accessories
Wild Water - PFD's & accessories
Wildwasser (Prijon) - kayaks, accessories
Woolrich Outdoor Clothing Company - clothing
Yakima Car Racks - roof racks, accessories
YakPads - Gel pads, accessories


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