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I am a professional educator having taught at colleges and Universities since 1973. I took an early retirement in June 2005 from U.C. Santa Barbara after 29 years of teaching. I continue to teach through my personal kayaking school USK. Therefore, I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about teaching. Some thoughts are philosophical and some are practical. As I travel the country doing clinics and presenting at symposia, I usually get the chance to focus on the practical.

As an Experiential Educator I am well aware of the value of reflection. Most of us do not take the time to think about what we do and what we have done, especially in this fast paced world. During my solo paddles I get the chance to reflect on my teaching. Some of these reflections have allowed me to develop new techniques and methods for teaching.

After teaching kayaking for over twenty-two years, you can bet I have lots of thoughts and ideas to share and I will use this page as my forum. It is my goal to post a new reflection each month. I don't think I can run out of topics, because I am always learning. However, if any reader would like a specific topic covered please feel free to e-mail your request. I appreciate any and all comments to my reflections too.

I apologize, in advance, if I miss any postings. When I had my full time job, I would have my reflection posted the last day of the month. If I didn't have my new articles posted by midnight, my friend Steve Holtzman would send me an e-mail at 12:01 AM of the first day of the month asking me where it was and when will it be up. Now that I am retired, I find myself even busier than before, teaching, paddling, working on the house, spending quality time with Hadley and taking time for us. I will do my best to post regularly, but if I miss some please stay tuned. When you retire you will understand.


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December 2003 - "Escape From Kayak Attitude"

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October 2003 - "When Nature Calls"

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December 2001 - "Quicktips"

November 2001 - Wet Re-Entries


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