Rock Gardens and Sea Caves

When the water meets the rocks it becomes a very exciting place. You have water moving you and your kayak towrd obstacles that around hard and sharp. The consequences of a mistake are greater when you take your kayak into rock gardens and sea caves.

One needs advanced skills and additional equipment to paddle in these higher risk areas as compared to a typical day tour. We highly recommend that you get qulified instruction before attempting to paddle in these areas.

There are a number of excellent DVD's available that will explain surf and rock gardens. The Tsunami Rangers are well know for their expertise in Rock Gardens. It is worth seeing what you can get into before you actually do it. Check out the following DVD's at the USK Store:

"Tsunami Rangers Greatest Hits" - Footage of the Tsunami Rangers doinmg what they do best.

"Kayaking Ocean Roack Gardens" - Instructional DVD for Rock Gardens.

"ABC'S of the Surf Zone" - USK's award winning instructional video for successfully negotiating and playing in a surf zone. You need to know how to handle surf before you can attempt paddling where the surf meets the rocks.









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