There are numerous ways to get back into your kayak. When getting back into your kayak it is called a re-entry. The term also applies if you are climbing onto a Sit-on-Top. If you get into the kayak when it is overturned it is called a wet re-entry. If you climb on to a righted kayak it is called a dry re-entry. If you get help it is called an assisted re-entry. This help can be from another paddler(s) or from a piece of equipment.

Regardless of the re-entry you use it should provide you with the easiest way of getting back into your boat. The more methods you know the more options you will have when the conditions get difficult. Many of these methods are inter-changeable during capsize recoveries. Remember, use the one that works best for you and ones that minimize your exposure to the elements.


Wet re-entries:
Slip in side ways into the cockpit (my favorite)
Reverse somersault into the cockpit

Dry re-entries::
Seal slide onto the back deck (my favorite)
Muscle onto the back deck
Bounce up to the back deck

Climb over the bow of assisters kayak to your back deck
Between the kayaks feet first
Straddle back deck

Belly button-backside-feet over the cockpit (BBF) great for S.O.T.'s

Assited re-entries:
Stirrup Cinch
Stirrup Cockpit Coaming
Stirrup Paddle Wedge
Scoop Rescue
2nd Assistant pulls & drags


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