Video Analysis for Sea kayakers

In keeping with our goal to be "your sea kayaking education resource" we have decided to expand our video analysis program for those of you who cannot take classes directly from us. There are some paddlers far away from professional instruction. There are some paddlers who have taken classes from us and their skills need some review.

It is difficult to see all the mistakes in our own skill performance while we are performing the skill. That is why we video tape certain skills during the class so we can review the skills later. Video tape is a great tool for catching most if not all of our mistakes. Many of us can look at a tape of our performance and see the mistakes. Some will only see the obvious mistakes and others just don't have the eye for analysis. If you are concerned about efficiency and reducing potential risks then the small points do make a considerable difference.

If you would like to have your skills checked out by us at USK please contact us via e-mail and we can arrange a time to talk on the phone to discuss your needs and desires and put together a skills list for you to perform while your friend tapes from the beach. Most of you have a friend with a video camera.

When we get the tape we will review your performance and do a detailed write up of your skills. We will also add drills for you to practice to improve your performance if it is needed. We will then discuss our review with you on the phone before we send you the written analysis. We will keep your tape on file for reference if you have questions after receiving the written details and for comparison if you ever wish to do future analysis. This service can be a great review for those of you who are working to be an instructor and want to polish those rough edges.

The cost for the analysis is $75 which includes strokes and capsize recoveries. We can discuss the fees on the phone if you need a more inclusive analysis.

Please contact us on the phone (805-696-6966) if you do not have e-mail. Remember, we are on the west coast of the USA.



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