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We know some of you prefer to support your local retailers. We encourage you to do so because they provide a full compliment of services and are usually very involved in supporting paddlesports in your community. In keeping with that support we wish to support those retailers and organizations that carry our video. If your local retailer does not carry our video ask them to contact us ( and we can arrange for them to do so.

Since the video just hit the market on September 1, 2001 it will take a while for the videos to get to those interested retailers and organizations. If you need a copy of the video before it gets to your local kayak shop you can order it on-line at the USK Store.

Here is a list of the retailers and organizations that are presently carrying our video:

Aqua Adventures Kayak Center
Aquatics of Santa Barbara
Central Coast Kayaks
Monterey Bay Kayaks

Outback Adventures
Paddlesports of Santa Barbara
Sierra South
Southwind Kayak Center

Outdoor Sports Center

Bill Jackson's

Idaho River Sports
Northwest River Supply

New England Small Craft

Silver Moon Kayak Company

Rhode Island
Kayak Centre
Sakonnet Boathouse

South Carolina
Martin Creek Kayak Center

SouthWest PaddleSports

Pacific Water Sports
Sea Kayaker Magazine
Skookum Bay Outfitters

Ecomarine Kayak Centre



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