Here are just a few of the classes offered by USK. If you would like to schedule one of these classes or a specialty clinic for your group please contact us via e-mail or call us at 425-275-8192. Many clubs have hosted USK clinics in their area. We continue to do clinics all around North America. Here is our current USK schedule.

If you want private instruction to work on very specific skills, we offer half day, full day or multi-day classes. Call or e-mail us.

Useakayak Basics- This is where it all begins. During this class we will cover outfitting your kayak, required equipment, forward strokes, sweep strokes, reverse strokes, bracing, capsize recovery and paddling awareness. Paddlers need their own kayak with spray skirt, sit on tops welcome too, paddle and PFD. Dressing for immersion is required. This is a six hour class.

Useakayak Wet Fun- Kayaking is a wet sport. This six hour "wet class" will focus on surviving and enjoying the surf zone and reviewing essential capsize recoveries. A basic class or equivalent is required prior to taking this class. Paddlers need their own kayak with spray skirt, sit on tops need thigh straps, paddle, PFD and helmet. Dressing for immersion is required.

Useakayak Recoveries & Rescues- Can you get back into your kayak after a capsize? Do you know a variety of recovery techniques so you can be effective in varying conditions? How much help will you be to your partner or the group in an emergency? If you have any doubts about your recovery and rescue skills then we suggest this six hour, "In Depth" in the water class.

The class will cover, solo and assisted recoveries, wet re-entry techniques, stirrup variations, swimmer assists, injured paddler techniques and much more. Paddlers need their own kayak with spray skirt, paddle, PFD, pump and paddle float. Dressing for immersion is required.

Useakayak Rollover- The most efficient capsize recovery is a roll. There are many variations to the roll and other skills just as important to the roll. If you are looking for personalized instruction in a small class environment (max 2) then you should consider this class. This one plus hour class will cover the roll and the fundamentals behind successful rolling. Paddlers need their own kayak with spray skirt, paddle and PFD. The class will be held in a pool.

Useakayak Navigation- "You can't get there from here!" or can you? If you want to learn how to read a chart, plot a course, use a compass, adjust for currents then join us for this three hour class. All materials will be supplied but feel free to bring your favorite chart and favorite compass to class if you have them.

Useakayak Forum- Here is your chance to have in depth discussions regarding topics in sea kayaking. Come join us (Wayne Horodowich and guest instructors) for an open forum where we can share our ideas and experiences. All paddlers are welcome.

Useakayak Kayak Leadership & Guiding Clinic- This two-day and one-night intensive weekend clinic is designed for those who find themselves paddling with others but want to feel more comfortable when they are in a leadership position. The class will cover hard skills (strokes, recoveries, towing, etc.) and soft skills (leadership principles, group dynamics, touring strategies, etc.) This class is recommended for those who lead or eventually want to lead others on kayak tours.

This is a training clinic not a certification course. There is no passing or failing the clinic. The goal is to improve your skills and expand your knowledge because the more information and experience you have the better resource you are for the groups in which you paddle.

Prerequisites for the class include reliable strokes and maneuvering skills, ability to get into you kayak by yourself and at least twenty trips under you belt. The class is opened to closed deck and open deck paddlers. Paddlers need their own kayak with spray skirt, paddle, PFD, pump, paddle float, helmet and tow rope. Dressing for immersion is required.

Useakayak "Total Immersion Weekend"- This class is designed for one or two kayakers that want a custom weekend of intensive instruction. Room & board included.

Useakayak "In Depth" Instructional Tours- Instead of spending just a day with us, we believe teaching in the actual environment over a multi-day period is the best way to learn the skills. Aside from the instruction we also get a chance to use our new skills in beautiful locations as we tour. Check out our "Trips" page for more information.


Please contact us if you would like to arrange private instruction or would like a class with you and your kayaking partners.

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