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In keeping with the school concept of our site and our mission "Promoting Sea Kayaking Education" we feel it is appropriate to have an Alumni Page. If you feel you have learned from our site, our videos, one of our lectures, trips or classes, then we feel you are a USK Alumni.

If you would like to have your name listed here on the Alumni Page, please e-mail us requesting to have your name placed here. We will post your name and list it under state or country. When you submit your request it would be nice to know how USK has positively affected you, so please let us know how, so we can see where to best put our energies.

Some Alums have sent us pictures of where they paddle or pictures of themselves in action. Please visit the Alumni Picture Page to take a look. If you have a picture you would like to send us please e-mail it to us and we will scale it down to fit our page.

Hank Benjamin
Steve Holtzman
Patrick Martin
George Miller
Gregg Remer
Tim Werner

Charlie Zimmerman

Laura Carter

Don Savino

New Hampshire
Gerry Dworkin

Doug Sharp

Ron Armacost

Washington D.C.
Anna & Max Papov

Phnom Penh Kayak Pack
David Fredericks

Greg Loftus (NWT, Mackenzie)

Juan Luis del Valle
Rafael Mier-Maza
Horacio Ortiz
Juan Pizá
Rodolfo Treviño




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