Rescue Procedures

I do not classify a simple capsize as time for a rescue. In the original sea kayaking books all of the capsize recovery techniques were called rescues. Given the quality of the equipment and the high risk of exposure I would consider the term "Rescue" as appropriate. However, the sport of sea kayaking has grown in many ways. The skill level of many paddlers has improved. Equipment has improved too. With the advent of certain fabrics long term immersion in cold water no longer means death. Techniques have also improved. As a result a simple capsize does not constitute an emergency if the paddler is well trained and dressed for immersion. That is why I refer to not injury incidents as recovery techniques. When someone is injured and/or we have to rely on outside help from the group I call it a rescue.

Keep in mind that a recovery technique can also be a rescue technique (and visa versa) depending on the circumstances. See Capsize Recoveries.

Here are a list of Rescue techniques:

Hand of God
Scoop Rescue
Double Scoop Rescue






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