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Along the Coast of the North Sea The Northumberland Coast of England is rich in history. The coast is a treasure chest of castles and priorys. The coastline is begging to be explored by sea kayak and this trip will provide that opportunity and much more. Join your guides Derek Hutchinson & Wayne Horodowich for this kayaking adventure and historical tour of England's North Sea coast.

Some of the sites:

Bamburgh Castle
Farne Islands
Hadrian's Wall
Holy Island
Dunstanburgh Castle
Lindisfarne Priory
Warkworth Castle

Our plan is to explore the sights of the Northumberland Coast of England. We will be staying in a Caravan (trailer) Park along the shore. The group will have access to kayaks for the days the North Sea allows us to paddle. On inclement days we will travel by vans to our sights. The trip will take place in July because there is greater chance for better weather. Participants need to be experienced sea kayakers with a sense of adventure.

For more information view the planned itinerary (recently updated) or visit

If you are interested please contact Wayne Horodowich for more details at:

University of Sea Kayaking
PO Box 6708
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