Video Time Codes Volumes 1 & 2
Ways to Use These Videos

"In Depth" Review on Capsize Recoveries & Rescue Procedures.

There is a great deal of information in this two-volume set. Each volume is 120 minutes long. We at USK believe this set should be viewed in segments. Your viewing method will be dependent upon your specific needs.

In Volume One we took a unique approach in reviewing capsize recoveries. Instead of showing you the entire recovery method, we begin by presenting the many ways you can do the different parts that make up the whole recovery. (i.e. ways to get back in your kayak, ways to empty water, ways to hold the kayak, ways to keep your paddle, the equipment needed to aid in recoveries, etc...) Paddlers are different and so is equipment. What works for one may not work for others. Therefore, once you learn the pieces you can put them together in a way that works best for you and the circumstances in which you find yourself. So you don't have to re-invent the recovery wheel, we then show the traditional and some not so traditional ways of doing the full recoveries.

Here are some recommended strategies for watching this comprehensive video set. We recommend you eventually watch all the segments because you never know what little pearl you may have missed. In order to get an understanding of the goals and philosophies in which these tapes are based; all viewers should watch the first nine minutes. Then use the video time codes listed below to help you navigate to your desired viewing location.

Novice Paddlers, information junkies or those who have only taken one kayak class - Watch the first hour. Then take some time to think about the ways you would put the recovery pieces together. In fact get out in protected waters and see what you can invent. Then come back and watch the second hour to see what others have done.

Experienced paddlers with lots of capsize recovery training - Use the time codes to bounce around to the areas of interest.

Instructors - After previewing the tapes, make notes of the exact time codes to your particular VCR. This way little time is wasted in searching for the segments you will find useful for your classes. The underwater shots give a unique view that is not often seen. The flare and radio demos in Volume Two provides useful information that is difficult to demonstrate in a typical class.

Paddling partners, club groups, pre trip review - Review the section on "Utilizing the group", look at a few recoveries and talk about the ones you will use on your trip. Definitely watch the exposure segment, how to call for help, towing and then sit and discuss some "what if" scenarios before your trip.

Fanatics, insomniacs, neurotics and those suffering from mid life crises - Watch the entire set in one sitting. If you attempt such a feat, please wear your PFD, pack a lunch, and have signal devices along in case you have to send up a flare. In the unlikely event you do survive and have truly absorbed the four hours of information, please e-mail us ( and we will add your name to the SURVIVOR LOG on our web site. This way the rest of the paddling community knows who the real crazies are so we can avoid paddling with you.

VCR Timecodes:

Volume 1 (Capsize Recoveries)
0:05:13 How to best use this video
0:06:04 Recovery vs Rescue
0:07:12 Reasons for your actions
0:08:46 Choosing Equipment
0:10:25 "PFD's"
0:12:45 Kayak features
0:22:22 Spray Skirts
0:30:01 Recovery Equipment
0:39:08 Components of Recoveries
0:39:36 Keeping your Paddle
0:41:24 Re-entering your kayak
0:50:38 Emptying Water
0:57:10 Body Control
0:58:17 Wet Exiting
1:00:35 Capsize Recoveries
1:03:31 Assisted Recoveries
1:04:03 Eskimo Bow Recovery
1:05:46 Eskimo Paddle Recovery
1:07:51 Hand-Up Recovery
1:08:42 Wet Re-entry and Bow Recovery (Hadley Combo)
1:09:32 Dry Re-Entry & Pump
1:10:47 T - Recovery
1:12:45 TX - Recovery
1:13:52 Curl with TX - Recovery
1:14:44 HI - Recovery
1:15:41 Stirrup Recoveries
1:16:14 All In Recoveries
1:18:26 Utilizing the Group
1:19:19 Solo Recoveries
1:20:50 Rolls
1:21:17 Extended Paddle Rolls
1:22:39 Swim with Kayak
1:23:15 "Back Up" Rolling Aid
1:24:19 Wet Re-entry & Roll
1:24:56 Wet Re-entry & Float Roll
1:26:02 Paddle Float Recoveries
1:30:28 Paddle Float with Stirrup
1:32:02 Sea Wings
1:33:13 Scramble Recovery
1:34:01 "Shark" Recovery
1:34:11 Bag of Tricks
1:35:05 Day Bag
1:35:45 First Aid/Repair Bag
1:36:54 Emergency Signal Kit
1:37:30 Swim with Paddle & Kayak
1:39:30 Surf Zone & Fast Water Tips
1:40:33 Swimmer Assists
1:41:22 On Water Kayak Repair
1:43:15 Double Kayaks (Dbl)
1:45:11 Dry Re-entry & Pump (Dbl)
1:46:43 Paddle Float Options (Dbl)
1:48:02 Assisted Recoveries (Dbl)
1:48:41 Rolling Doubles
1:42:20 Paddle Float Roll (Dbl)
1:50:01 Double Advantage
1:50:38 Double "Shark" Recovery
1:50:58 Folding Kayaks (FK)
1:51:32 T - Recoveries (FK)
1:53:08 Eskimo Bow Recovery (FK)
1:53:28 Braces, Roll & Scramble (FK)
1:54:03 Paddle Float Recoveries (FK)
1:55:22 Sit On Tops (SOT)
1:56:42 BBF Recovery (SOT)
1:57:21 Scramble (SOT)
1:57:34 Paddle Float & Stirrups (SOT)
1:58:02 Hold on to your SOT
1:58:37 Assisted BBF Recovery (SOT)
1:59:15 T - Recovery (SOT)
2:00:01 All In / BBF Recovery (SOT)
2:00:34 Outfitting a SOT
2:01:04 What I Do I Know (Practice!)

Volume 2 (Rescue Procedures)
0:01:45 Understanding Exposure
0:04:03 What is cold shock?
0:09:30 What is hypothermia?
0:10:20 Way we lose heat?
0:13:00 Generating Heat
0:16:04 Stages of Hypothermia
0:18:27 Severe Hypothermia
0:19:25 Treating Mild Hypothermia
0:29:56 Treating Severe Hypothermia
0:37:05 On Water Treatment
0:40:36 Overexposure
0:44:01 Hypothermia Wrap
0:48:51 What to Wear When Paddling
0:53:53 Clothing Review
1:01:59 Head Wear
1:04:32 Foot Wear
1:07:29 Hand Protection
1:10:50 Eye Protection
1:12:06 Rescue Techniques
1:16:40 Scoop Rescue
1:18:53 Swimmer Rescues
1:19:38 Towing
1:23:05 Extreme Weather
1:24:42 Signaling Devices
1:25:30 MAYDAY Call (radio)
1:27:50 S.B. Harbor Patrol Interview
1:28:10 Flares Seen & Reported
1:28:55 False Alarm
1:30:18 Proper Flare Disposal
1:30:39 MAYDAY Call Info (radio)
1:32:02 Non-Emergency Calls (radio)
1:36:05 Advice to Kayakers from the Harbor Patrol
1:39:09 Signal Flare Demo
1:46:50 Expired Flares
1:47:36 Flare Safety
1:48:55 Whistles, Lights, Mirrors
1:50:10 My Signal Kit
1:52:03 Last Look at Successful Recoveries

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