In our videos and in our writings we refer to lists and video time codes you can find on our web site. As promised here they are.

When it comes to lists I love making them because it takes too much memory to try to remember all the items on a list. I often laminate my lists so I can have them on the water or near the water when I need them. I hate wasting paper on throw away lists. A zip lock plastic bag is also a good way to keep the lists dry.

I will never suggest any of our lists are complete. They contain many of the essentials but a good list contains preferences based upon personal experience and philosophies. We encourage everyone to augment our lists so they contain the information you deem necessary and formatted in a way that works best for you.

Capsize Recoveries & Rescue Procedures (USK Videos Volumes 1 & 2)
VHS Time Codes (Volume 1 & 2)
DVD Chapter Links (Volume 1)
DVD Chapter Links (Volume 2)
Repair Kit
Signaling Kit

Beyond the Cockpit - Featuring Derek Hutchinson (USK Videos Volume 3)
VHS Time Codes (Volume 3)
DVD Chapter Links (Volume 3)
On Water Practice List (Volume 3)

ABC'S of the Surf Zone (USK Videos Volume 4)
VHS Time Codes (Volume 4)
DVD Chapter Links (Volume 4)
Surf Zone Safety Considerations List (Volume 4)
Flat Water Practice List (Volume 4)
Whitewater Wave Practice List (Volume 4)
Beach & Staging Area Discussion List (Volume 4)
Paddle & Arm Signals

USK's Bracing Clinic (USK Videos Volume 5)
Volume 5 DVD Chapters Link
Recommended bracing development sequence
Side to side blade manipulation sequence


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