Repair Kits

Repair kits should be a necessity on every kayak outing. What you put in your kit depends upon your kayak and the damage that could possibly befall it. I ask myself a very simple question to help me stock my kit. What will I need to have in my kit so I can make a repair that will get me back to shore? Of course, the longer I plan to kayak (length of trip and remoteness) the more I will put in my kit.

My repair kit is kept in a dry bag along with my first aid kit. I use zip lock plastic bags to separate items of my repair kit and assure they stay dry.

Here is what I keep in my regular repair kit.

1- At least a half of a roll of duct tape. - I may have to wrap around the width of the boat multiple times to fix a hole. I once used duct tape to cover a hatch when a neoprene hatch cover was forgotten.

2- Extra length of rudder cable with cable crimps. - Aside from the obvious rudder cable is strong and versatile.

3- Plastic cable ties. - They hold a number of things together. Even when the zipper on a wet suit or PFD blows out.

4- Nuts and bolts to fit rudder (or whatever) - See what size nuts and bolts you may need and have them along. I bring locking nuts with me.

5- Bailing wire. - Very versatile

6- Leatherman tool. - Keep it clean and functioning (stored in separate plastic bag)

7- length of cord. - Replace deck lines, bow loops and tie infinite items together.

8- Hand towel. - Possibly dry the kayak before you tape it.

9- Hose clamps - To splint a broken paddle shaft.

10- Cotter pins - can be used as a quick replacement for screws (sometimes)

11- Safety pins (assorted sizes) - Be careful around inflatables and dry suits.


If you maintain your equipment properly the need for repairs decreases. (See reflections April 2002)

If you need to make repairs on the water see (On Water Kayak Repair)




List taken from USK video "Capsize Recoveries & Rescue Procedures"

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