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We believe you should take classes from qualified and experienced instructors. However, there is so much information to learn and so many different ways to do the same technique, that one class cannot do it all. Also, after the class is over, do you remember everything you were shown during the class? Most students are lucky if they can retain 50% of the details from a full day class. Since many do forget a significant portion of what was taught in their class, and the length of a class limits the amount of information that can be covered, we decided to create our "In Depth" instructional video series. Each video is full of detailed information for you to study and review. Some of the information may reinforce what you have learned in your kayak class and we are sure some information will be new. At the very least you will see different ways of doing the skills you were taught.

Our goal is to present an accumulation of the best techniques that we have learned from teaching our classes, feedback from our students and instructors from all over the world. We want to give you lots of information so you can make a more informed decision when the time comes to do so. It is our belief you will find our "In Depth" series a must have for anyone who paddles and wants to learn more about the sport. Many people in the kayaking industry have told us that a video should not be longer than one hour. We have difficulty with that concept, so forgive us for being thorough and wanting to share our collective knowledge and experiences with you. Let's face it, a basic class take all day. Therefore, how can you learn all there is in a one or two hour video. A comprehensive basic class usually takes a weekend. You can see why we pack so much into our videos. Think of USK instructional videos as a Sea Kayaking Video Encyclopedia. The total running time of Volumes 1 - 6 is over thirteen hours of detailed information.

Exposure to the elements is the number one cause of death to sea kayakers. This is normally a result of dressing improperly and/or the inability to get back into your kayak. That is why we felt impelled to do our first video on "Capsize Recoveries & Rescue Procedures". As we wrote the script and began to shoot the video we realized the information needed to do justice to this topic could not fit onto one video cassette. Therefore, we created a two volume set with a running time of 4 hours +. Due to the integrated nature of the material in volumes 1 & 2, we felt impelled to sell the videos as a set with a reduce price rather than selling them separately at a higher price. We believe the information is too important to your survival and we didn't want cost to be an issue.

All of our videos have a money back guarantee when purchased directly from us. If you don't believe the video is worth what you have paid for it, just return the video to us and we will refund your purchase price. You have a whole month from the date of purchase to make up your mind.

One of the common threads in the USK instructional videos is our 3 B's approach (Boat, Body & Blade). We like to look at the components of the skills before actually viewing the skills. By learning the components first, you develop a solid foundation of the pieces and performing the skill is just putting the pieces together. The USK motto is "Do it in a way that works best for you." When you know the components you can adapt those pieces to fit your needs in performing any specific skill. Another goal of USK is to develop "Thinking Paddlers." That is why we present so much information.

There are brief descriptions of our videos below with links to more detailed information. If you ever have any questions regarding our videos please feel free to e-mail us at

If you are curious as to what it takes to create an instructional video, see USK's July 2010 Reflections, "Producing An Instructional Kayaking Video".

Please visit our Viewer's Comments Page to see what some paddlers and instructors think of our videos.

For those who are interested in Greenland style kayaking techniques visit our Greenland Kayaking Video Series page for more information.


Volumes 1 & 2 "Capsize Recoveries & Rescue Procedures" 2 disc Video Set

Volume 1 - "Capsize Recoveries" (123 min)
Our approach is to first look at the components that make up a successful capsize recovery. After reviewing the different components we show you a variety of ways to put them together and also show the traditional ways capsize recoveries are done. We want you to practice the different variations to find the ones that will work best for you, your equipment and your paddling partners. We strongly believe a capsize and the recovery that follows should not be considered an emergency if you are properly trained, so practicing your skills and dressing for immersion are essential.

Volume 2 - "Rescue Procedures" (123 min)
If you are not dressed for immersion, cannot get back into your kayak or if you become incapacitated then you are entering the realm of an emergency. Most emergencies could have been avoided, but if you find yourself in one, then the information in volume two will be helpful. We discuss contacting emergency help with radio simulations and with flare demonstrations. Rescue techniques for incapacitated paddlers are shown. Prevention and treatment for exposure is also discussed along with dressing for immersion. Towing and moving paddlers who are in the water are shown too.

For more details about USK's "Capsize Recoveries & Rescue Procedures " videos, visit the Vol 1 & 2 info page.

Here is a link to the Chapters Titles included in "Capsize Recoveries" video, Vol 1.

Here is a link to the Chapters Titles included in "Rescue Procedures" video, Vol 2.

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Volume 3 - "Beyond the Cockpit" (86 min)

We are proud to have a one of our favorite guest instructors, Derek Hutchinson, featured in this video. A sea kayak is made to dance. Many of us feel uneasy leaning and edging our kayak. Derek has unique methods for getting you comfortable reaching out "Beyond the Cockpit." In addition, the skills shown in this video are great to know when the wind picks up and you find yourself in rough water conditions. Derek teaches a one-day clinic that focuses on Extended Paddle Techniques, which is the main focus of this video. At the stern end of the video Derek took some time to share some stories that you will find very amusing.

Click here for the on-water practice list.

For more details about USK's "Beyond the Cockpit" video, visit the Vol 3 info page.

Here is a link to the Chapters Titles included in "Beyond the Cockpit" video,Vol 3.

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Volume 4 - "The ABC'S of the Surf Zone" (180 min)

The purpose of the video is to help the sea kayaker successfully negotiate their way through the surf zone while launching and landing. Even though there is a section on basic surfing with sea kayaks, the focus of this video is learning how NOT to surf and remain in control while getting through a surf zone. A full list of flat water drills and skills are demonstrated to prepare you for the surf zone. Then we show the techniques you need in the surf zone. We have also included group management when launching and landing groups through a surf zone.

The video is contains 3 hours of comprehensive instruction. The main sections include: oceanography, ocean effects on your kayak, the ABC's (Attitude, Body-Boat-Blade, Control, Safety), flat water drills, surf zone drills, launching, landing, capsizing in the surf zone, group launching & landing, surfing and more...

For more details about USK's "ABC'S of the Surf Zone " video, visit the Vol 4 info page.

Here is a link to the Chapters Titles included in "ABC'S of the Surf Zone" video Vol 4.

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Volume 5 - USK's "Bracing Clinic" - The art of staying upright! (111 min) Released July 2008

"Staying upright is a lot easier than getting upright" if you have a reliable brace. After working with hundreds of students trying to learn their bracing skills, we have developed an very successful progression for teaching reliable braces. This video contains the essential parts of our one day bracing clinic. The success rate for our bracing clinic is extremely high. By the end of the day everyone has improved their bracing skills, with most having a reliable brace at the end of the day.

For more details about USK's "Bracing clinic" video, visit the Vol 5 info page.

Here is a link to the Chapters Titles included in "Bracing Clinic" video, Vol 5.

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Volume 6 - "Essential Kayaking Strokes" - (208 min) Release Date July 21, 2010

After years of popular demand, we finally got around to making our strokes video. It contains the essential strokes you need to move your kayak. More importantly we have included the major elements that are important to taking strokes if you want to use your energy efficiently. We also spend significant time duscussing how to minimize overuse injuries. Aside from discussing strokes with a Euro paddle (convential paddle), we have included the "Wing Paddle" stroke and discuss some basic concepts using a "Greenland Paddle."

For more details about USK's "Essential Kayaking Strokes" video, visit the Vol 6 info page.

Here is a link to the Chapters Titles included in "Essential Kayaking Strokes " video, Vol 6.

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Volume 7 - "The Art of maneuvering Your Kayak " - (?min)

I apologize for the delay in releasing this video. My expexted release date has been constantly changing due to life's challenges. I have heard "if you want to make God laugh, make a plan." I do hope to finish the editing of this video in the future. I will post the completion on the home page and the USK facebook page when done. Thank you for your patience.

This video is designed to be a companion video to our "Essential Kyakaing Strokes" video, which is Vol 6. Once you learn your strokes on calm water and master basic steering on calm water you will probably want to vewnture out to open waters. Learning how to maneuver your kayak in wind and moving water is not just taking your strokes. It is a combination of strokes, manipulating your kayak, knowing your planned destination and using strategies to get you to that destination with the least amount of effort. Many times the course you will follow has absolutely no resemblance to a straight line. In fact, I open the video with a quote I use in my maneuvering classes, "The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, except in kayaking." Keep an eye out for the video as the release date approaches. We will post updates on the USK facebook page.

If there are specific skills or information you would like to see in our maneuvering video please e-mail your thoughts to us. We are also looking for video footage of sea kayaks maneuvering in a variety of environmental conditions. Contact us if you have video footage that might be of use to us.

For more details about USK's "The Art of Maneuvering Your Kayak" video, visit the Vol 7 info page.

Here is a link to the Chapters Titles included in "The Art of Maneuvering Your Kayak" video, Vol 7.

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