How To Best Use The USK Web Site

The USK web site is set up to be an educational resource to kayakers. Our ultimate goal is to become an on-line encyclopedia for sea kayaking education. Even though we already have hundreds and hundreds of pages our goal is to post over one thousand pages. As you navigate around the USK site you will find links that are not active yet. They are place holders and signs of things to come. We are always open to suggestions from our readers for resources you would like to see on the site. Please feel free to e-mail us with your suggestions.

Here are some of the main features of the USK site.

USK facebook Page - If you would like to keep abreast of up-to-date happenings visit the USK facebook page. Since it is very time consuming to add regular posts to our web site, we decided to use our facebook page to keep you informed about the most recent events at USK.

USK News - We will post recent and relevant news on the web site on this page.

The Library Page -When in doubt go to the library page to find your topic.

Reflections from the Cockpit - At the beginning of every month there is a new reflection (article) focusing on issues that paddlers will find of interest. All of the past reflections are kept on file for you to revisit.

Featured Skill - Each month a new skill is posted for our readers with step by step instructions (with pictures) in how to perform the skill. Many of our readers like to go out each month and practice the posted skill just so they can keep their skills sharp even if they know the skill. It is a nice way to get out and practice. All past skills are kept on file for your convenience and review.

Course of Action Scenarios - This section was added in January 2006 to help increase awareness and safety in the paddling community. It is a chance for you to practice your decision making skills and learn from the experience of others.

USK Lectures - In 2009 we decided to minimize the waste of paper. As a result we will be posting links to lecture notes and handouts on this page so you can refer to them as needed to recall the highlights of lectures by Wayne Horodowich and other lecturers as they present for us.

USK Lists - This page contains the links to the many lists we have referenced in the USK videos.

Readers's Articles - We like to share our collective experience and like it when you do too. We post relevant articles written by our readers.

Manufacturer's Page - We try to keep our manufacturer's page up to date. If you want a direct link to the manufacturer's web site you will find it on this page. Web links are always changing so please e-mail to let us know if a link is not working or if you would like one added.

Clubs & Orgs Page - There are a lot paddling clubs and paddling organizations around the world. We have links to most of them. Using the club pages can be a great way to get local information and/or contacts if you are traveling to some new areas. I have always found club members very willing to share information and resources. If you want your club or organization listed please e-mail us.

"Make A Difference" Program - We at USK feel an obligation to our community to those in need. We encourage all paddlers to get involved in the "Make A Difference" Program.

The USK Store - The USK on-line store only carries products that we believe are of value to our customers. Of course we sell the USK "In Depth" Instructional Video Series. We also sell other instructional videos that we can endorse. In addition, we also carry some hard to find products that kayakers find very useful.

USK Schedule - Our schedule will tell you when we will be presenting at symposia or teaching clinics.

Yakism's - The "Yakism's" page is a list of quotes and sayings that usually have special significance to paddlers. If you have one to add to this page let us know.

Yak-Gyvers - This is an ever expanding list of ways to utilize your equipment in creative ways.

Being A Bulkhead - There are times you do something without great thought behind it and you lived to tell the tale. Here is a chance to share your "lack of forethought" with others to keep them on the road to success.

"USK Bracer" - If you like what you see on the USK web site and you want to see it grow, think about making a small donation by going to the USK Store and click on USK Bracer. There are regular monthly charges to maintain this "FREE" educational web site. I do not want to sell advertising space, because I hate seeing pop-up adds when I visit web sites. Any and all donations helps keep the USK site AD FREE.

As you search the site you will find even more sections not listed above. A few years ago we received a loving e-mail reprimanding us for our web site. "I spent my whole day on your site, because there so so much to read. I am in trouble with my wife, because I didn't get to my honey-do list. Keep up the good work." We hope you too will lose yourself in the USK web site.


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